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As a subsidiary of Manashid Atlas Holding, Omran Beton Alton Co. was founded in 2016 for contract work and has completed 20 construction projects for the public, semi-public, and private sectors in over 5 years. It has delivered the speed and quality expected by project trustees and beneficiaries. The managers and employees have continuously strived to gain prominence in the construction industry by investing in new projects, raising financial-technical capabilities, continuously improving methods, and implementing HSE (Health, Safety, & Environment) requirements.

شرکت عمران آلتون زیرمجموعه هلدینگ ماناشید اطلس
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Loading, Transporting, and Warehousing the Paya Foolad Concentrate Factory’s Feed and Products

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Zeyaei Hospital

Constructing the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Building of Zeyaei Hospital

نمای کلی از پروژه اسکلت

Constructing the Ramsar School of Nursing and Midwifery Building

جوی هر هر

Construction of any atmospheric health center

ساختمانن بهداست یزد

Completion of Mehriz Health Network

اسکلت غذا و دارو

Constructing the Food and Drug Building in Yazd

راهرو بخش عفونی شهید صدوقی یزد

Demolishing and Reconstructing Shahid Sadougi Hospital’s Depart of Infectious Diseases, Yazd

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Phase One Construction of the Ardakan Traditional Medicine Center

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