Constructing the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Building of Zeyaei Hospital

The material procurement and complete construction of the concrete Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the Zeyaei Hospital of Ardakan began on 2021-11-16 with an initial credit of 170 billion IRR on about 5200 m2 of built-up area, including two floors with special moment frame structure.

Project specifications:
Material procurement and complete concrete construction
Employer: Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company
Area: 5200 m2

Zeyaei Hospital
Project Identification
Contract No. & Communication DateH/118/1400, 2021-10-23
EmployerChadormalu Mining and Industrial Company
Contract Term12 months
Work values
No.Description of OperationUnitEstimated Amount
3Rebar Tyingkg390000
4Metals (form, wall post, etc.)kg35000
5Concrete Placingm34100

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